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Cambridge CS installation instructions

CambridgeCS - installation instructions

The software is currently installed on the latest release of NMRbox ( 

If you would like to try it straight away and have an NMRBox account, login to NMRBox and call 'cambridgecs -g' to open the gui from a terminal. You can copy the test data from '/public/mjb218/CambridgeCS_dist/testData'

If you want to install this locally, the latest version for Linux is also available to download from here. Please note that the software is password protected. Please email for the password. This helps us to keep track of the number of users.

1) Download the software from the link

Note the size is around 2 Gb.

2) Unpack the software:

> tar xf  CambridgeCS.tar

Open the tar archive

> gpg CambridgeCS_dist.tgz.gpg

Provide the supplied password (email for the password)

> tar xvzf CambridgeCS_dist.tgz

Unpack the file

3) Once unpacked, change into the binBuild directory (./CambridgeCS_dist/binBuild/)


> bash buildCython

This will compile the cython code.

3) Put ~/CambridgeCS_dist/bin/ on your path.

The software is called as:

> cambridgecs -g [for the gui to setup processing]

>graphPlot <filename> [for the spectrum viewer; requires Azara .spc.par files at the moment]

The software uses its own python install so there shouldn't be any issues with libraries etc. If you have any problems/questions please contact