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Nietlispach Group

NMR spectroscopy of membrane proteins

Studying at Cambridge

The Nietlispach Group

Recent Papers

Insight into partial agonism by observing multiple equilibria for ligand-bound and Gs-mimetic nanobody-bound β1-adrenergic receptor.
Andras S. Solt, Mark J. Bostock, Binesh Shrestha, Prashant Kumar, Tony Warne, Christopher G. Tate & Daniel Nietlispach, Nature Communications (2017) 8, 1795
(doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-02008-y)

An adaptable phospholipid membrane mimetic system for solution NMR studies of membrane proteins.
Chih-Ta Henry Chien, Lukas R. Helfinger, Mark J. Bostock, Andras Solt, Yi Lei Tan, and Daniel Nietlispach, Journal of the American Chemical Society (2017) 139, 14829-14832
(doi: 10.1021/jacs.7b06730)

Preparation of saposin nanodiscs for NMR

Compressed Sensing ℓ1-Norm Minimisation in Multidimensional NMR Spectroscopy
Mark J. Bostock, Daniel J. Holland and Daniel Nietlispach, from Fast NMR Data Acquisition - Beyond the Fourier Transform (RSC publishing) (2017)

Improving resolution in multidimensional NMR using random quadrature detection with compressed sensing reconstruction.
Mark J. Bostock, Daniel J. Holland, Daniel Nietlispach, Journal of Biomolecular NMR (2017) 68, 67-77